Learn more about Countway's 2019-2021 Renovation

Countway Library is now open to  all Harvard ID holders! Learn more at countway.info/reopening


Scroll down to see some of our newly renovated library spaces, follow along on social media, and find answers in our FAQ section. And explore the menu to the left to learn more about our renovation journey!


Countway Safety Ambassadors are located at both entrances to assist patrons
Our Special Collections are back! Check them out in the Russell Reading Room on the 2nd floor.
Our new book lockers are up and running on floor L2!
Self check-out is available on floor L2
We also have a self check-out station in the Russell Reading Room on the 2nd floor!
Need a quick recharge? Check out our new phone charging stations on the 1st and 2nd floors!
The Countway Community Garden is flourishing! Learn more at countway.info/garden.
New main entrance located at 695 Huntington Avenue
Huntington Avenue turnstiles and security desk
Lounge seating near future Harvard COOP pop-up store
Booth seating overlooking the Countway Community Garden
Classroom and event space overlooking the Countway Community Garden
Open/collaborative study space
Makerspace area with anatomage table
Open/collaborative study space
Shattuck Street exit turnstiles
Countway Cuddles therapy dog area
Future location of Countway Connection Cafe
Future location of Countway Connection Cafe
Russell Reading Room collections nook
Russell Reading Room
New book lockers on L1
Seating area and circulation desk on L1
Self-checkout station on L1
Self-checkout station in Russell Reading Room
Special collections displays in Russell Reading Room
Countway Community Garden