Countway 2022-2023 Renovation

We are very excited to announce that renovations are set to begin shortly on the L1 floor at Countway Library! This renovation will expand our study and seating areas, offer new classroom space, incorporate new technology and innovative learning features, and provide space for countless new programs and initiatives at the library.

Construction will begin in December 2022, and we look forward to sharing information about the renovation as it progresses throughout the winter and spring. Stay tuned here and keep an eye on our Countway Communiqué Newsletter for exciting updates!

Rendering of Countway Library L1 Renovation showing a hallway with rooms behind glass walls on both sides. One side showcases a conference room and the other has lounge chairs and more informal seating.

Countway 2019-2021 Renovation

The renovation of the first and second floors has allowed Countway Library to engage and align users to its mission of service, education, and research by capitalizing on the strengths of its space, staff and collections. It is Countway's responsibility to share its rich resources with Harvard’s Medical and Dental Schools, and the T.H. Chan School of Public Health, as well as the entire Longwood Medical area. Countway now has quiet spaces for individual study, active spaces for programming and special events, and gathering spaces for collaboration and socialization. For example, the Countway Connection Café, Coop, Community Garden, and open area seating provide opportunities for our users to reconnect with one another. Countway is a social connector, and is in the position to rebuild these social bonds through its shared spaces and programming. The library evidently shows its positive impact on the community as it continues to average over 800 turnstile swipes per day.

Libraries are no longer just brick and mortar buildings to house collections. Medical libraries can and do play an important role in improving the health and well-being of their community on their campuses. As part of the evolution of Countway Library, we have a renewed focus on community well-being as well as serving as a resource for research and learning. There are many activities the newly-renovated Countway Library has to offer our students, faculty and staff. Countway now has dedicated spaces, resources and community-building programming. We welcome the entire campus community to join us in our new spaces as we expand library programming through the lens of social connection.