The Center is grateful for the support of its generous donors. Donors help make the Center's ongoing efforts to acquire, make accessible, and preserve unique resources in the history of medicine, dentistry, and public health possible. The Center applies all unrestricted financial gifts to its most urgent priority: making collections that researchers are currently waiting to use or that are completely hidden open to the public.

Donations support discovery.

Help expand access to the Center for the History of Medicine’s renowned collections. Opening research resources that cannot be discovered—or used—by students, scholars, or the general public is one of the Center's most urgent needs. These research records, teaching records, speeches, writings, rare books, and museum collection objects are not accessible because they are:

  • Unprocessed. Collections must be analyzed, organized, and described for online discovery and use.
  • Under-processed. Older collection descriptions and indexes are not up to standard. We need to update and put online better collection descriptions so that people know what is in a collection before coming to the Center. Online tools speed research and access.
  • Unavailable for remote use. Digitization makes remote use of collections possible. Digitization empowers researchers to examine our remarkable resources all over the world.
  • Uncataloged. Cataloging makes rare books, objects, artifacts, and specimens discoverable online.

Donations support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Archives for Diversity and Inclusion, an expansion of the Archives for Women in Medicine, ensures the Center's collections reflect the diversity of the Harvard Longwood Campus community by acquiring and making accessible the research, teaching, and professional records of underrepresented faculty, including women.

How to Give

  • Visit our secure online gift form »
    • Under the "Select a Fund" menu, donors should pick either "Countway Discovery Project" or "Archives for Women in Medicine."
  • Make a check payable to Harvard Medical School and mail to:

    Harvard Medical School

    Alumni Affairs and Development

    P.O. Box 419720

    Boston, MA 02241-9720

    • Please include a note indicating your gift is for the Center for the History of Medicine's "Countway Discovery Project" or "Archives for Women in Medicine," and your full name, address, and phone number.
  • The Center for the History of Medicine in the Countway Library also accepts planned gifts, gifts of stock, and other gift vehicles in support of the Center. Please contact Kate Murphy, Managing Director of Gift Planning, for information.