Promoting Library Outreach, Campus Well-Being, Community Engagement

Countway Library's Outreach & Public Services Department is committed to supporting the Harvard Longwood Campus through advancing community engagement, strengthening campus connections, and promoting the well-being of our patrons.

Our mission is to effectively increase awareness of our services across campus while also responding directly to the needs of our users and collaborating with other library departments to meet these needs. Our team has established the Countway Cares program - a broad range of initiatives including Art@Countway, the Longwood Author Series, and Countway Cuddles Pet Therapy - to promote the well-being of our Longwood Campus community. And the Countway Information Desk provides general support to the students, staff, postdocs, and faculty who use our library.

Our goal is to strengthen connections between our Countway Library and our community, to provide a safe and supportive environment for our users, and to promote the mental health and well-being of those working and studying on the Harvard Longwood Campus.

Programs and Initiatives

We are proud to collaborate with organizations across campus to produce the following recurring Countway Cares programs and initiatives:

Information Desk

The Countway Information Desk, located in the L1 atrium, is a multi-faceted service point for patrons. Managed by a rotating roster of library staff members, the Information Desk offers support, guidance, directions, and information about the library and our vast resources.


The Outreach & Public Services Department coordinates all Countway Library external communications, utilizing the following outlets: