Use this page to explore the many unique and innovative spaces at Countway Library.

First Floor

  • Collaborative Study Floor

    tables and chairs on the first floor of Countway Librarystudents sitting around a table on the first floor of Countway Librarytables and chairs in another room on the first floor of Countway Library

    The first floor of Countway Library is designed with open seating and shared spaces for the purpose of collaborative study, activities, and events.

  • Makerspace

    Anatomage table in useCountway Makerspace area3d printer in Countway Library

    The renovation of Countway Library allowed for the creation of a Makerspace on our first floor. This innovative and collaborative space houses an Anatomage Table as well as a 3D printer and workspace for a range of academic and personal projects. Visit Makerspace & Digital Learning for information on availability and consultations.

  • Pet Therapy Area

    therapy dog Cooper, a yellow Lab, at Countwaystudents petting therapy dog Bodhi, a Golden Retriever/yellow Lab mixstudents playing with therapy dog Daisy, a Poodle

    As a way to combat burnout, stress, and anxiety, Countway Library provides pet therapy events through our Countway Cuddles program! These events take place in our specially designed therapy pet area with rounded couch seating, located on the first floor near the Shattuck Street entrance. Learn more about the Countway Cuddles program on our Therapy Dogs webpage.

  • First Floor Classrooms

    Rooms #102 & #103

    desks and chairs in Classroom 201whiteboard and desks with chairs in Classroom 103

    These classroom spaces, located on the first floor of Countway Library, can be used individually or combined for larger events. To reserve these rooms, please complete the Countway Classroom Reservation Form and submit it to Luciana Witowski. Please note: due to current HMS COVID-19 policies, Countway Library is under strict guidelines regarding in-person events. For more information or any questions, contact Luciana Witowski.

Second Floor

  • Russell Reading Room

    tables and chairs in the Russell Reading Rooma study nook with arm chairs next to bookshelves in the Russell Reading Room

    Located on the second floor, the Russell Reading Room is a designated quiet study space with several large tables, comfortable seating, special collections, and reservable study rooms.

  • Meditation Room

    Room #248

    prayer rugs draped over a shoe rack in Countway's meditation room

    Located on the second floor within the Russell Reading Room, the Meditation Room is a private, quiet space where students can pray and meditate. The room is equipped with comfortable seating, prayer mats, a shoe rack, and soft, indirect lighting.

    • The room is available for meditation, prayer, mindfulness, calming sensory overload, reflection and finding a moment of peace.
    • The room may NOT be used as a lounge, study room, meeting room or any other activity that conflicts with the purpose of the space.
    • This is a quiet room, housed within a quiet space on a quiet floor.
      • Phone calls and Zoom meetings are not allowed in this room.
      • Music or guided meditation audio is permitted only with the use of headphones.
    • Shoes are to be removed and placed on the provided rack immediately upon entrance.
    • For those who need to perform a ritual cleansing prior to practice, there is a single stall unisex restroom with a sink and a shower located diagonally across the second floor atrium, just outside the administrative offices.
    • No food or beverages are allowed in the room.
    • The room is not reservable in advance; it is available on a first-come first-served basis. Please respect the "occupied" sign on the door when in use.
    • A maximum of two people may use this room at one time.
    • Please keep use to a 15-minute maximum to allow others the chance to use the space.
    • The Countway Space Committee manages this space and reserves the right remove anyone found abusing the space. Please report any issues or questions to the Countway Space Committee.
  • Study Rooms & Chat Rooms


    a large table with chairs in a group study rooma study room table

    Study Rooms

    Located within the Russell Reading Room and the Active Study Area, several private study rooms are available for use by individuals or groups. Users can reserve a study room in advance by visiting the Countway study rooms reservation page. Each study room is equipped with a dry erase board, monitor, and cords to connect most devices.

    Study Room Policies:

    • Rooms must be reserved via the study room reservation link.
    • If you arrive for your scheduled reservation time and the room is occupied by someone else, you may ask the current occupant to vacate.
    • The maximum reservation time limit is 2 hours.
    • As a reminder, there is no food or eating allowed in the study rooms.


    Chat Rooms

    On the opposite wall, chat rooms are available for quick meetings or phone calls on a first-come first-served basis. These rooms are not reservable in advance.

    Chat Room Policies:

    • These rooms are for brief use only; they are not meant to be used as study rooms.
    • We ask that you please limit your chat room use to 30 minutes to allow equal access for everyone.
    • If you have overstayed your 30 minute limit and all other chat rooms are full, you may be asked to vacate the room to allow others the chance to use the space.
    • As a reminder, there is no food or eating allowed in the chat rooms.
  • Active Study Area

    study tables with two cushioned booths each

    Located adjacent to the Russell Reading Room, the Active Study Area is available for collaborative study in small groups.

  • Game Room

    Room #236

    two Nintendo Switch game controllers

    Located in the Active Study area on the second floor, the Game Room is equipped with a Nintendo Switch! Our game collection includes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Minecraft, Pokemon Snap, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Splatoon 2, Arms, and several others.

    The Game Room can be reserved in advance for use by individuals or groups via the study room reservation system. The maximum reservation time limit is 2 hours and users are required to follow the study room policies.

  • Lactation Room

    Room #202

    Lactation Room in Countway with a sink and a comfortable arm chair next to a side table with a pump on it.

    Located on the second floor, the Lactation Room is available to any Harvard ID holder who registers at Lactation Support. This lockable room contains comfortable seating, a sink, a changing station, and a Medela pump (pump accessories must be provided by the user). Recognizing the importance and benefits of breastfeeding for working parents and their infants and in promoting a family-friendly work environment, Harvard provides more than 50 formal lactation rooms across the University. Any Harvard-affiliated nursing parent, including faculty, staff, and students, can register to use a Harvard lactation room.

Fifth Floor

  • Fifth Floor Conference Rooms


    podium and tables in the Lahey Roomwall of windows in the Lahey Roomlarge rectangular interior of the Lahey Room

    All conference rooms on the fifth floor of Countway Library are managed by HMS Room Scheduling. If you are interested in holding an event on this floor space, please reserve space through HMS Room Scheduling. For more information or any questions, contact Room Scheduling.

    Please note: only Harvard ID holders are allowed in the building, including the fifth floor conference rooms. If your event includes non-Harvard ID holders, please provide a list of attendees to Security in advance of the event so that your guests will be allowed through the turnstiles. 

Outdoor Spaces

  • Countway Community Garden


    outdoor table and chairs in the Countway Community Gardenlarge group of people in the Countway Community Garden for an eventHanging planters in the Countway Community Garden

    Founded in 2011 by a collective of dedicated Longwood Medical Area volunteers, the Countway Community Garden is now home to nearly fifty raised garden beds and hosts events throughout the growing season. Learn more about this unique campus space at our Community Garden webpage.

  • Huntington Avenue Plaza

    benches in Countway's Huntington Avenue Plazawide cement pathway in Countway's Huntington Avenue Plazaa Little Free Library in Countway's Huntington Avenue Plaza

    Countway's recent renovation created a new main entrance at 695 Huntington Avenue, which features several benches and green-lined steps for the enjoyment of the public. Music performances and other events will be held in this area during the summer months. This space also contains a map of the campus, as well as a public-access Little Free Library!