People doing research for Harvard faculty members may be eligible for a Research Assistant account. These are proxy accounts under the sponsoring faculty’s library account. They give full access to Harvard Library resources.

The Research Assistant account is strictly for individuals conducting research on behalf of a member of the Harvard teaching faculty. This credential is not for personal research or personal access to library resources.

The faculty sponsor assumes responsibility for all fines and other liabilities from the account. All correspondence related to it goes to the sponsor, not the assistant.

Countway can make accounts for faculty of the following schools:

  • Harvard Medical School (HMS)
  • Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM)
  • Harvard T.H. Chan School (HSPH)

For other schools, please contact the Harvard Library Privileges Office.

Application Procedure

  • Download the application
  • Researcher and Faculty Sponsor complete the application in its entirety and sign
  • Faculty Sponsor must email the signed application to from their Harvard email address

Once the library receives the Research Assistant application, staff will contact the applicant to complete the process.

Please note that renewals must follow the same procedure as initial applications.

Please email us with any questions about this process.