This operating-bed sized table provides highly accurate, 3D visualizations of human anatomy.

All Harvard ID holders are welcome to use the Anatomage Table in the Countway Makerspace on the first floor. 

The table's interactive touchscreen interface allows users to virtually examine the human body through advanced medical imaging of cadavers. This immersive, hands-on approach to the study of anatomy and physiology is valuable to students from all three Longwood Medical Campus schools. 

With the table, you can:

  • Virtually dissect full-scale images of actual human and animal cadavers
  • Remove layers to reveal bones, muscles, nerves, veins, and arteries 
  • Make incisions with digital tools and examine the cut from any angle
  • Explore thousands of real medical cases
  • Annotate structures and save your views with a screenshot or make a video of your screen activity 
  • Support your work with interactive quizzes and color coded self-study tools
  • Tap on a blood vessel to see annotated blood flow animations
  • Fly through internal anatomy to simulate endoscopic procedures

Learn how to use the table

  • For a brief training or to discuss possible use cases with a staff member, please request a consultation.
  • Patrons are welcome to use the table during the library's open hours; any questions can be directed to a Safety Ambassador or sent to Countway.

Provenance Statements

The images of four human subjects are scanned and loaded into the Anatomage Table for anatomical dissection. These images were licensed from the National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project and the Visible Korean Human. You can learn more about the provenance of these images in the Countway Anatomage Table Provenance Statement.

Credit your work

Please credit any exported images as being from the Anatomage Table or rendered with its software. If you would like to publish something for mass production, contact Anatomage.