Exhibiting Digital Scholarship from the HMS, HSDM, and HSPH Communities

Artist rendering of digital exhibit wall on L1


Share Your Digital Scholarship with the Countway Library!

We want to extend an invitation to HMS/HSDM/HSPH community to share and display their scholarship (research poster, image, or other visual) on our new digital exhibit wall on L1! This is a dedicated space to showcase the scholarship from around the Longwood Quad.

If you would like to share a digital copy of their poster:

  • Ensure that the poster will fit a 16:9 aspect ratio (1920x1080 px);
  • Make sure the your name and (if preferred) a contact email is on the poster/visual;
  • Please include your name in the file name;

We anticipate placing two images side-by-side in a 16:9 area on our digital display, which has a visual divider in the middle to separate the two posters on the left and right side of the “ultra-wide” digital exhibit wall.

Please contact the Publishing & Data Services Team to receive the OneDrive submission link if you would like to share a copy of your digital scholarship or if you have any additional questions.