Getting Started

If you need a place to store University records you're required to retain, we can help.

The first step is to request an account with Archives and Records Management. To apply for an account, complete the records center contract (PDF) and submit it via email.

After the office account is created, the authorized users will be able to use the account.

Contact Archives and Records Management to update the users when needed.


Identifying Records for Deposit

You can identify records eligible for storage using the General Records Schedule (GRS).

The GRS covers common records found throughout the University. Most GRS entries direct you to retain records for a specific number of years. Once the retention period is met, they can either be destroyed or archived.

If this is your first time using the GRS or if you would like a refresher, visit our Records Schedule Basics page.


Preparing Records for Deposit

The Transmittal Checklist (PDF) provides guidance on preparing a transmittal.

1. Ordering Boxes and Barcodes

Submit an order using the Harvard Depository Supplies Order Form.

Box orders are linked to your office's Harvard Depository account. If you don't already have an account, see "Getting Started" for details on applying for an account.

2. Pack, Label and Barcode Your Boxes

For records to be transported to he Harvard Depository, boxes must be properly:

  • Packed
  • Barcoded
  • Labeled

3. Complete Paperwork

Create an inventory of records you're transferring offsite.

Complete a transmittal cover sheet signed by an authorized user on your account.

4. Request Review and Pick Up

Submit the completed transmittal cover sheet and Excel file via email.

Archives and Records Management will review your documents and arrange a pick up.


Accessing Your Harvard Depository Records

To retrieve boxes: Harvard Depository Box Retrieval Request Form

To refile boxes: Harvard Depository Box Refile Request Form