Week 58: Celebrating and Restoring Our Earth

The CDC has issued numerous reports linking climate change and the effect on human physical and mental health. Throughout this week (April 20-22) Earth Day 2021 was celebrated online through a series of multiple events. Celebrating #RestoreOurEarth initiatives began April 20th with a global youth climate summit led by Earth Uprising and hundreds of youth climate change activists including Greta Thunberg. April 21st was Education International, representing 32 million educators focused on the critical role teachers play in combating climate change and promoting environmental literacy. On Earth Day itself, April 22nd, EarthDay.org held a series of workshops and panel discussions on topics such as climate restoration, environmental justice and citizen science.

Promoting climate literacy and topics linking climate change to human physical and mental health are important issues for medical librarians. Once specific way in which Countway celebrates the earth is through our Community Garden. With the help of the Outreach Office & campus-wide advisory group, I am excited to announce that the Countway Community Garden will be reopening for 2021 growing season. There will be limited capacity to maintain safety protocols (15 of the 40 garden beds), and the beds will be spaced out to ensure social distancing. At this time, we are setting up a grower schedule to reserve garden time, and we will officially open to gardeners in early May. I am hopeful that the Countway garden will shed optimism and light to the entire Longwood Community throughout the summer. Like Marcus Tullius once said, "If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”




Countway Community Garden signtable, chairs, and planters in the Countway Community Garden