WAM Curator to speak on Ethical Concerns about the Origins of Legacy Anatomical Collections

The Center is pleased to announce that Dominic Hall, Curator of the Warren Anatomical Museum, is presenting as part of a special series of webinars being offered by the American Association for Anatomy on Anatomical Legacy Collections.

American Association for Anatomy Webinar Series header. Header has a skull in the background and reads "Anatomical Legacy Collections"

Dominic is speaking as part of the first webinar in the series, Ethical Concerns about the Origins of Legacy Anatomical Collections, which is next Thursday, July 15, 4:00-5:00 PM ET. Presenters will describe the issue of legacy collections and the need to inventory and report on human remains in their care (ethical stewardship, duty of care). Perspectives will include anatomical museum and teaching collections, known and unprovenanced remains, slavery, marginalized populations, and the effects of colonialism. The webinar will emphasize inventory and understanding the source of remains.

Registration is required. The webinar is free and open to nonmembers.