Review Service

The Review Service has been created to encourage productive collaborations between librarians and researchers in the Longwood community on knowledge synthesis manuscript publications and other research intensive projects.

Who can request librarian collaboration through the review service?
  • Anyone who holds a valid faculty, staff, or student Harvard ID

  • The lead investigator for the project must hold a Harvard faculty ID

    • Exception – the project is required for completion of a Harvard degree
  • Harvard email holder
    • *
      • E.g. OR
What do we expect from our users?
  • Complete the review service intake form

  • Realistic timeline expectations based on librarian availability *

  • Librarian co-authorship for review collaboration **
What you can expect from the librarian?

There are two tiers of review service based on librarian authorship status.  Please review the tiers below.

Review Service Tiers
Service Level Librarian Authorship Deliverables  Work Load (Average)
Level I: Consultation & PubMed Search Acknowledgement
  • Initial hour-long consultation
  • Develop a PubMed search strategy with suggested controlled vocabulary and keyword selections
  • Identification and suggestion of other databases for extending search
  • Advice on citation and project management tools
3-4 hours
Level II: Review Service Co-authorship

Level I deliverables plus:

  • Translation of PubMed search strategy into other databases using controlled vocabularies and keyword selections
  • Providing guidance on searching the grey literature
  • Mediated search documentation
  • Assistance developing the protocol
  • Delivery of citation results into a Covidence project
  • Authoring methodology section for the final manuscript
  • Reviewing the final manuscript before submission
10 + hours


The Mediated Search

The Countway Library of Medicine Research and Instruction team provides mediated literature searching for Harvard patrons, subject to librarian availability, as a major component of our review service.

A mediated search is any search of the literature developed and carried out by a librarian on behalf of a user requesting the search.  Mediated searches may be carried out to support:

  • Systematic reviews
  • Scoping Reviews
  • Other types of knowledge synthesis reports
  • Literature-based investigations

*Due to the in-depth and time-intensive nature of this work, each librarian can work on a limited number of in-depth reviews at a time so the service may not be immediately available if we have already reached our maximum capacity. In such cases, your request will be queued and we will communicate with you about estimated start date.

**Due to the nuanced nature of the work, as projects evolve individual librarians retain the right to change tiers to accurately reflect the nature of the work being conducted, as well as refuse co-authorship. On publication of the article you will provide acknowledged or co-author librarian a copy of the published manuscript for his/her portfolio.