Week 82: Working Together Towards Institutional Priorities

On October 5th, Dean Daley in his State of the School Address discussed his 4 institutional priorities: Collaborative Science, Inclusive Excellence, Transformative Education and Training, and Institutional Resilience. The pandemic illustrated the importance of collaborative science with MassCPR being a prime example. He also mentioned advanced therapeutics and translational research. Dean Daley referenced the Better Together plan and the anti-racism task force from the Program in Medical Education (PME) as examples of the school’s commitment to inclusive excellence. He cited the ability of the school’s Office for External Education, Graduate Education program, and PME during the pandemic to transition to remote learning as an example of excellence in education. For financial resilience, the school balanced its budget for the first time in many years, and continues to build on its financial success.

In the coming weeks, the Countway management team will be working together to codify the library’s progress in its 2017-2022 strategic plan and combine our diversity plan into our strategic plan. In addition, managers will be working with you to align your 2022 annual goals with the Dean’s priorities and our strategic plan. The Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Dean Giannobile will be presenting his state of the school priorities on October 25th. Michelle will report on these and we will consider ways to incorporate them in our goal setting as well. We are awaiting information from the Chan School regarding any institutional priorities they might have.

The Countway renovation including the Coop and Café was mentioned by Dean Daley as a worthwhile strategic investment for the advancement of HMS. Aligning the library’s goals to the priorities of the schools we serve, position Countway as a strategic partner and guide to the achievement of institutional excellence during these challenging times.