Week 71: Preparations Continue for August 2nd

I wanted to take this time to report items that have come up this week as we prepare for August 2nd reopening. We are learning from the questions that come up about what to expect as more faculty and students return to campus. This is an evolving situation, and we will continue to keep you informed through my weekly messages and Town Hall meetings. Here are some policies, procedures, and information to keep in mind:


  • The garden is now open dawn to dusk to HUID holders, no code is needed to enter through the gate
  • Events may be held in the garden. For reservations, please contact Yasmina. There will be a fact sheet on the website for more information (coming soon).
  • No alcohol allowed without a bartender
  • Users of the garden must take out their own trash

Rooms 102 & 103

  • Staff are strongly encouraged to reserve the rooms for teaching purposes ASAP
  • Reservations are made through Luciana
  • The room is only available for HUID holders
  • At this time, no food or drink is allowed in the room, and all users must keep their masks on
  • Other HU departments may use the rooms for one-time event purposes via reservation
  • When not reserved, students may study in the rooms

L2 Classroom

  • This room is available for reservations through EMS (Event Management System)
  • This room is a computer lab
  • Operated on a first-come, first-serve basis

Food for library hosted events

  • I have received questions regarding the library bringing light snacks for events that will be taking place this Fall outside either on the quad or in the garden. We do have a small budget for this, however, food must come from RA catering and not brought from outside restaurants or made at home.
  • Please contact MJ for assistance with placing a catering order
  • Staff will not be reimbursed if they supply food from an outside source

Faculty/staff requests for clerical support services

  • We have received requests for providing fax, printing, and mailing/package receipt for individual faculty and staff
  • The library is not equipped to provide these services. Please refer requesters back to their administrative departments
  • We would like to keep track of these requests, so please notify me.


The next Town Hall is August 5th 2-3 pm. We continue to prepare for a more robust opening. I am happy to report that those who have returned on campus and visited the library are very excited about the space. The LHTs and opening team are available to give ad hoc tours to our returning colleagues.