Week 69: Policy and Countway Updates

In this week’s message I want to make sure you are aware of the Harvard policy updates and new happenings in Countway.

  • July 15: Deadline to receive and verify your COVID-19 vaccination
  • July 15: Updated distancing requirements take effect. Harvard will no longer require vaccinated individuals to observe physical distancing requirements, either indoors or outdoors. Unvaccinated individuals are still required to maintain physical distancing indoors. Please note that masks are still required indoors regardless of vaccination status.
  • July 28: Updated testing requirements/frequencies take effect. Vaccinated individuals will now be required to test every two weeks, rather than weekly. Unvaccinated individuals are on a different schedule and should refer to the HMS Returning to Campus webpage.
  • Countway furniture will be returned to its original placement in the next couple of weeks
  • Signage will be updated to reflect the new guidelines
  • Four new LHTs (Simmons and Northeastern students) are being onboarded and trained for concierge and ambassador services. The goal is to have a pool of LHTs to relieve staff who have been volunteering in these roles during the pandemic.
  • Five BiblioTemps workers (all have HUIDs and are complying with Harvard guidelines) return to the library on Monday to work on the inventory and relieve staff who have been volunteering on this project while onsite.
  • Contractors who need to come in the building for less than five days may do so but need to check in with Security. Please let Luciana know in advance. There are two parking spaces available for vendors in the Countway lot.
  • In-person gatherings for Harvard sponsored events is now allowed. Library units who wish to plan in-person training or reserve rooms for meetings should check with Luciana for room availability and guidelines.
  • We will be ordering an OWL for testing hybrid meetings and will report back whether the pilot is successful


Thank you for taking on additional onsite duties during the past year and a half. We are transitioning into a more robust opening. Staff are returning to their regular duties as we prepare for the return of campus activities and student learning. We look forward to sharing our newly renovated building with new and returning faculty, staff, and students.