Week 66: Countway opening changes this week and the week in pictures

June 15th& the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has ended the COVID-19 state of emergency. In this week’s message, I wanted to highlight the changes in Countway protocols and services as we moved to a more robust opening. As of Monday, June 14th the following are in effect (see attachment for pictures):


  • No more seat reservations
  • All HUID holders allowed in building
  • Grab and Go is still on carts near podium at Huntington entrance
  • Eating ONLY allowed at café tables
  • We will no longer close the library from 1-2pm for cleaning. Library is open for entire day.
  • Both Shattuck & Huntington entrances are open
    • When LHTs and Safety Ambassadors arrive for a shift, they will sit at either the podium at Huntington (behind short glass wall next to exhibit case) or at Shattuck entrance.
    • Until August 2nd there may be only 1 person scheduled for some shifts. If this happens please sit at the Shattuck Street podium as our security officers can help those who enter on Huntington.
    • Please try and remember to wear your Countway Library polos while at podium
  • If someone’s HUID does not work in the turnstile, security can let them in.
  • Inside the podium are:
    • Info Binder (located in podium section with lock; it is currently unlocked)
      • We are updating these with new information
    • Pen and paper in case you want/need to take notes
    • Bin with Countway Cares masks (you can give these out at your discretion)
    • If there is something not at podium that would be useful to you please let Meredith know
  • Library Hours from June 14-August 1
    • M-F, 9am-6:30pm
    • Saturday, 10am-6pm
  • Mask wearing and social distancing are still in effect; no additional seats are added
  • Users may use the self-service reservation key pads to reserve study rooms; the key pads are outside each room and rooms are available at 2-hour intervals.
  • There are three computers in the maker space area on the first floor. The computers are public access workstations and available to users who don’t have a laptop with them.
  • Printing is now available; the three public computers on the first floor in the maker space area are mapped to the printer which is on the counter behind the circulation desk on L1. For now, printing from those computers is free of charge.


The Russell Reading Room now houses the special collections such as graphic medicine, women in medicine and anatomical models. Be sure to stop by and take a look. Besides the self- checkout on L1 we now have a self-service portable check out station in the Russell Reading Room too.

We hope you enjoy the additions to the Russell Reading Room and thank you for your continued flexibility with the new protocols and service changes as we move forward with the more robust opening and offerings at Countway.