Week 61: Passion for the Profession

Professional development and participating in the librarian community is an essential part of our professional growth. Participating in professional development activities has numerous benefits, it can help you think more globally about your role, it can foster networking opportunities and it can expose you to new innovative ideas surrounding services and resources applicable to Countway. Many Countway staff participate in a wide variety of external library work to advance the profession, outside of the day to day work at Countway. That work is in the form of contributions to professional associations, giving presentations at professional meetings such as posters or talks, developing innovative teaching materials, etc. This work not only enhances the field but promotes the professional expertise of our staff, library and the Longwood Medical Area Schools etc. The nature of libraries across all sectors are subject to continual change, especially in today’s environment and in participating in these external committees we will have the knowledge and resources to be prepared for and embrace the change that comes by being part of the conversation. Additionally, this outside work also highlights the purpose, dedication and passion we all have for our work which is strategically important in leading and managing library services for the future.


The attached list outlines a small sample of some of the external service that many of our Countway staff provided over this past year. I appreciate the time and effort staff dedicate to external endeavors and the benefit it brings to Countway.