Week 52: Library Leadership in a Time of Crises: Rethinking Library Work and Community Connections

As we approach the second year of the pandemic, I have been reflecting on the lessons learned and how we have been able to quickly pivot our work, rethink how best to serve our community, and build connections despite these challenging times. I was invited to present the keynote address at last Friday’s New England Chapter of NEASIST at a virtual conference focusing on the role of libraries during the pandemic. This week’s message is in the form of a recording which was a rehearsal for the keynote address. The final version will be available within the next few weeks, but I didn’t want to wait to share my thoughts with you. The address is 40 minutes and is accompanied by slides. The presentation highlights lessons learned, rethinking work, building community, and staff and community wellbeing. I will be giving a version of this presentation at the upcoming Countway Joint Library Committee meeting at the end of March. Thank you for all you have done during this past year and I hope you enjoy the talk. Click here to view the video and slides.