Week 149: May Updates

Construction Updates

  • Painting 1st coat is ongoing this week until 05-23
  • During Commencement Week, the construction crew will work a modified schedule (6am-10am) on Monday and Tuesday. No construction work allowed on Thursday and Friday of that week.
  • Ceiling Grid is starting the week of 05-01-2023. The install will follow the same logic as painting above
  • Acoustic door, HM doors and hardware are scheduled to be delivered middle of next week 05-17 (this is ongoing activity until the end of May)
  • Flooring & tiling are schedule to start on 05-19 for 2 weeks
  • Architectural Finishes install process will start June 1st

construction project collage showing the lower level in the process of being painted

Graduation Activities

Thank you to all who signed up to give tours during graduation week. Outreach sent out calendar invites for those giving tours, but here is the tour schedule spreadsheet for anyone who wants to access it. There will also be library tour info sheets available at both safety ambassador podiums if staff would like to use them as guides/resources. Here is the tour schedule:

Date Time Staff Name
Monday, May 22 12:00 PM Paul B.
  1:00 PM Paul B.
  2:00 PM Jenna L.
  3:00 PM Jenna L.
  4:00 PM Jenna L.
  5:00 PM Len
Tuesday, May 23 1:00 PM Carol M.
  2:00 PM Meredith
  3:00 PM Paul B.
  4:00 PM Paul B.
Wednesday, May 24 10:00 AM MJ
  11:00 AM Corey P.
  12:00 PM MJ
  1:00 PM Len
  2:00 PM MJ
Thursday, May 25 1:00 PM Carol M.
  2:00 PM Corey P.
  3:00 PM Corey P.
  4:00 PM Yasmina
Friday, May 26 10:00 AM Charlotte
  11:00 PM MJ
  12:00 PM Corey P.
  2:00 PM MJ
  3:00 PM Corey P.
  4:00 PM Len

The Coop has reserved the 1st floor classrooms from May 11th through May 31st for graduation regalia pick up and drop off. We may see increased traffic on the 1st floor during the month of May.

Security has agreed to leave the turnstile gates open on Wednesday and Thursday of graduation week from 8am-6pm.

Save The Date

  • HMS Alumni weekend is June 1-3, and Meredith will be working with alumni services to coordinate Countway tours. We spoke with Security and decided that the turnstile gates will remain open from 8am-6pm throughout the weekend.


Happy Graduation, Happy May!