Week 148: BML and Other Countway Updates

BML Ether Painting and Fire back Removal

This week HMS Facilities, Security, Parking, Engineering & Construction, and Campus Planning met with a representative from Meyers (BML vendor) to discuss the logistics of removing the Ether Painting and fire back from the library. This project is tentatively set to begin next week, May 15th and last through May 19th. Please read below some key points regarding this project:

  • the fireplace insert will be removed from the Lahey room Monday-Thursday next week
  • we will have a security detail in the Lahey room during this time
  • the Lahey room is reserved for the fireplace insert removal
  • there will be a dust covering in the room
  • the work is noisy (signs throughout the library will be posted and DBMI has been informed)
  • the removal will take more than one day. If the workers see asbestos, they must stop working.
  • Freight elevator is available for fireplace work
  • on Friday next week, Meyers will remove the Ether painting (Len will be onsite for the library)
  • the plan is to take it through the balcony in Minot room and, using a crane, hoist it above the garden onto a truck in the Countway Lot
  • we are closing the Countway lot on Friday (parking office has been informed)
  • we are closing the garden Thursday and Friday
  • there will be security in Countway in Minot, and a police detail in the lot

The one caveat is that we do not have an approved contract that our lawyer has looked at, so the dates for these are tentative. No contract, no work. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Construction Updates

  • Painting 1st coat is ongoing for the upcoming 2 weeks
  • Ceiling Grid is starting the week of 05-01-2023. The install will follow the same logic as painting above
  • Acoustic door, HM doors and hardware are scheduled to be delivered middle of next week 05-17
  • Flooring & tiling are schedule to start on 05-19 for 2 weeks
  • Architectural Finishes install process will start mid-May

construction project collage showing the lower level without a ceiling

All-Staff BBQ

On Wednesday, May 31st, we will be having a Countway all-staff BBQ in the garden in conjunction with the L1 renovation crew to honor and celebrate the construction project. Please join us from 12-3pm outside for light refreshments.

Graduation Tours and Upcoming Resource Fair

We are looking for volunteers to give tours during graduation week which is the week of May 22nd. Below is a link to sign up. Also, please see below information on Countway’s Resource Fair which will take place in the Fall. Reach out to Yasmina or Meredith with any questions.

Also, please note that the Coop has reserved the 1st floor classrooms from May 11th through May 31st for graduation regalia pick up and drop off. We may see increased traffic on the 1st floor during the month of May.

Building Updates

Here is the new link to request parking in the Countway Parking Lot.

Upcoming Holidays

  • Monday, May 29th is Memorial Day, and the library will be closed
  • Monday, June 19th is Juneteenth, and the library will be closed
  • Tuesday, July 4th is Independence Day, and the library will be closed

Upcoming Meetings

  • Next Strategic Planning meeting is Wednesday, June 14th from 1-3pm in the classrooms. Food will be provided.
  • Next Countway all-staff is Wednesday, May 31st (BBQ in garden) from 12-3pm

Save The Date!

  • HMS Town Hall and campus party will be on May 15th, more information will be sent out closer to the date
  • HMS Alumni weekend is June 1-3, and Meredith will be working with alumni services to coordinate Countway tours