Week 135: Strategic Planning, L1 Construction, and Staff Meeting Updates

Strategic Planning Phase 1—Teams Launched

From Len: On Wednesday the 18th, consultant Maureen Sullivan joined us again and we officially kicked off the four teams that will guide us towards the creation of our next 5-year strategic plan. These four teams will work between now and the end of May to explore the questions posed in each of the team charges and will make recommendations that will then inform the creation of the actual plan. Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm in moving this process forward. It is apparent that we all have a deep desire to see the Countway Library move forward so that we can even better serve our community of users with quality services and resources. Stay tuned for an announcement within the next week or so about our next all-staff check in which will be scheduled for some time in March. In the meantime, remember that Emily and I are team advisors and are always willing to answer any questions that may arise.

L1 Renovation Construction Update

Abatement of the asbestos, which is the noisy work, started on January 18th and will last 4 weeks. Contractors built a temporary wall to block off the construction area from the Info Desk/atrium area on L1. Signage (Walsh Brothers logo) announcing the project was installed on L1 and outside the building. Soon, contractors will start the removal of shelving and other demolition work. The library will be closing the month of January and February at 11pm Sunday-Thursday to accommodate the third shift work. The crew will primarily use the Freight elevator and Gordon Hall as entrances. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Luciana.

Upcoming Town Hall

The Harvard Library Employee Survey will be open between January 17th and January 31st, 2023. The purpose of the survey is to measure how you perceive your work environment, including how valued you feel, by providing a fully confidential way to give feedback about your experiences as employees in the context of your department, library, and the broader Harvard Library system. Countway is hosting a Town Hall information and Q&A session with a member of the Survey Advisory Group (Emily) on Wednesday, January 25th at 12:00 before our 1:00 staff meeting. This will take place in the 1st floor classrooms and lunch will be served. Please join us to learn more and ask questions!




collage of L1 renovation beginning phase photographs showing empty shelves, construction materials, and signs about the construction activity