Week 132: Construction, Holiday Celebration, and Strategic Planning Updates


The L1 construction will begin the week of December 26th. On December 27th through December 30th the construction crew, DBMI, and NEJM will be in the building between the hours of 7am and 5pm. They will enter through Gordon Hall, and Security will be present in the Countway building. No library staff will be onsite, but if you have any exceptions, please let me know ahead of time.

Holiday Celebrations

The Town Hall that is scheduled for next Wednesday, December 14th is cancelled and instead replaced with a Countway Holiday Party. This will take place in the 1st floor classrooms from 1-3pm. 

Strategic Planning—Stay tuned!

Updated team charges and team membership will be forthcoming early next week. Remember to hold the early afternoon of January 18th when Maureen Sullivan will rejoin us, and we will officially kick off the new teams.

Final Reminders

Winter break begins on December 22nd and lasts until January 2nd. The library will be closed for student study and all staff.