Week 131: L1 Renovation Update and Kickoff

We are very excited to announce that renovations are set to begin shortly on Countway’s Lower Level 1 (L1). This renovation will add study rooms and seating areas, offer new classroom space, incorporate new technology and innovative learning features, and provide space for countless new programs and initiatives.

Facilities will remove the carrels, shelving, furniture, etc. from L1 and empty the area that will be under construction. IT has packed up Casey’s and Jude’s office spaces and equipment. On Wednesday, we had a walkthrough with HMS Campus Planning and Engineering/Construction to ensure all books have been removed and all items that do not need to be stored were marked “trash.” Permits need to be filed and the final budget needs to be approved for the actual construction to begin. The target date for demolition and asbestos abatement to begin is early/mid-December. The noisy portion of the project will happen during winter break. No staff or students will be in the building at that time. We are hosting a renovation kickoff meeting in the 2nd floor conference room and kitchen on Monday from 12-1pm, where the construction crew, architects, and HMS Campus Planning/Facilities will join us in celebrating the start to another great project.

As previously mentioned, construction workers will use the Huntington entrance and Freight elevator. Another elevator inside the library will be designated a construction elevator (probably the garden, or South, side elevators). There will not be any disruption to the Info Desk or atrium area. There will be barrier walls constructed to separate the construction area form the atrium area.

The team is in the process of finalizing lighting, furniture, painting, and finishes. The entire project will be done by graduation if we do not run into supply chain issues.

We look forward to sharing information about the renovation as it progresses throughout the winter and spring. Stay tuned via weekly messages, Town Halls, social media, and internal/external newsletters for updates!