Week 130: Construction and Space Updates

The L1 collection has been moved to L2. Thank you to all the staff who made this possible. In the next couple of weeks, Facilities will remove the carrels, shelving, furniture, etc. from L1 and empty the area that will be under construction. IT is packing up Casey’s and Jude’s office spaces and equipment. Jude will be temporarily relocating to one of the old BML offices on the second floor during the construction. All of this will be done the week of Thanksgiving and the week after. Permits need to be filed for the actual construction to begin. The target date for demolition and asbestos abatement to begin is early/mid-December. The noisy portion of the project will happen during winter break. No staff or students will be in the building at that time.

In terms of the logistics plan, construction workers will use the Huntington entrance and freight elevator. Another elevator inside the library will be designated a construction elevator (probably the garden, or South, side elevators). There will not be any disruption to the Info Desk or atrium area. There will be barrier walls constructed to separate the construction area from the atrium area.

The team is in the process of finalizing lighting, furniture, painting, and finishes. The entire project will be done by graduation if we do not run into supply chain issues. We will be working on a formal communications plan, as well as in-person construction updates at Town Hall meetings. Stay tuned for more.

In addition, the HMS Dean’s office will be moving to the Lahey room on Countway’s 5th floor (date is TBD). Starting in February, Gordon Hall will also be under construction, so the Dean’s office will temporarily be relocated to the Lahey and Allen rooms. All events scheduled in the Lahey room will be rescheduled through the EMS Room Scheduling office.