Week 129: GreenerU LED Upgrade Project in Countway and Gordon Hall

This morning we met with GreenerU who will be installing LED Lighting Upgrades to Countway and Gordon Hall. The main takeaways of this project (specific to Countway) are listed below:

  • 12/5 start date
  • the project will last approx. 6 weeks
  • floors L2, 2-5 are affected
  • floors L1, 1, 6 are excluded
  • they work from the highest floor to the lowest floor
  • in the book stacks, light fixtures remain the same but will just switch to LED lighting
  • in offices/corridors, new fixtures and new LED lighting will be installed
  • work time is 5:30am-1:30pm
  • the work is performed one floor at a time

This should not impact the L1 renovation work that is also scheduled for the beginning of December, but we will be in strong communications with HMS Facilities and Engineering & Construction for any overlap that might occur. I will keep you updated as this project unfolds and if any other information is presented.