Week 123: Staff Meeting Recap

To clarify what was shared at the most recent staff meeting about who can and who cannot access the building here is what we know now:

  • Currently enrolled students and active staff & faculty (with Harvard University ID)
  • Currently, special library borrowers including Alumni do not have access to the Countway library building. Other Harvard Libraries are admitting special library borrowers into their spaces. Contact the library to confirm their local admittance policy before visiting.

If an alumnus has a book to pick up in a locker, our Safety Ambassadors or someone from the Information desk can walk them to the locker to retrieve their items.

If someone identifies as a library proxy (someone who works on behalf of a Harvard faculty member) but their badge does not work, security will let them in for that day and will hand them a sheet of paper asking them to email Spruill Harder. Spruill will then investigate the type of borrower card they have and determine if they have access to the building. If they do, she will send their ID information to Security, so their badges will work when tapped at our gates.

We are reviewing our access policies and will continue to keep you updated on any changes. Please reach out to Elaine with any questions.

As of August 31st, proof of vaccination will no longer be required to access Harvard buildings including Countway. Testing will also stop in mid-September. We continue to work with security on how to allow members of the public to visit the newly curated Warren Anatomical Museum.

We are also working with security to extend our open hours Sunday through Thursday to either 11pm or midnight. Staff will continue to leave at 9pm. The building will remain open for study with security on site. We hope this will be in effect beginning September 11th.