Week 113: The Week in Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. This week’s message is focused on a picture collage of activities inside and outside the library during the week of graduation. The library is more than what happens inside the brick-and-mortar building. This week in particular, Countway Library served as a hub for the Longwood Medical Area and the three schools. Our slogan “Countway Cares” was on display this week as we focused on celebrating our graduates and making connections with the community.


A collage of four photographs: a popcorn machine in Countway Community Garden; a sign that says: Congrats Grads! Join us for free popcorn in the garden 1:30 to 3:30 PM today; and two photographs of graduation caps and gowns in cardboard boxes waiting for pickup

Another collage of four photographs: banners hanging outside Harvard Medical School; supplies being unloaded from a moving truck; bathrooms set up outdoors; and tents on a lawn

A collage of six photographs: graduates lined up outside; people watching the graduation ceremony on screens inside a tent; another view of tents on a lawn; employees smiling together; a sign listing graduation week tours of Countway Library; and another view of banners hanging outside Harvard Medical School

A collage of four photographs: three pictures of grab and go meals on a table and one of grab and go drinks