Week 112: May Updates and Reminders

Countway All-Staff Meeting

It was nice to see everyone in the garden for our end of the semester ice cream social. It was also nice to have Billy and Scott from Security join us. The Evacuation Trifold they discussed can be found here. We do not usually have staff meetings in the summer, but we are going to plan some other informal all-staff socials in the garden to celebrate all our accomplishments. Stay tuned for more!

Performance Management

As a reminder, supervisors are starting to set up meetings with their teams. Performance appraisals are due at the end of June. The CAT team will be discussing how we can share accomplishments from all the teams at Countway. This was a difficult and challenging year, and everyone should be proud of all we have done.

BML Move Update

The focus earlier in the week remained on moving BML collections, artifacts, paintings, and other materials from CHOM. We also added Meyer’s crews to L1 to help our BiblioTemps finish packing L1. On Thursday, the Frieze in the Lahey room and the James Francis Ballard bust in the Ballard room are being removed. BML furniture will also be removed this week.

L1 Renovation Approval

On Tuesday I met with the HMS Capital Planning Working Group (CPWG) regarding the L1 project. I presented the overall vision for the renovation and Meaghan Doyle from Campus Planning went over the conceptual design. The plan was approved by the committee and will move forward to other approvals such as Dean Daley and Central HU Admin. Attached is a picture of what was presented to the CPWG. Stay tuned for further updates.

Renovation floor plan for L1 shows a mix of open study space, group study space, classrooms, bathrooms, phone booths, storage/support areas, integrated display spaces, a writing center, and a possible technology hub. The project cost is 6.2 million dollars, with 3 million from donors. The estimated schedule is for review and approvals from May to June with the Project Transition in July lasting for 11 months.


Black Out Days/Upcoming Holidays

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next week are BML move/Meyer blackout days due to graduation activities. The library is closed on Monday, May 30th and Tuesday, May 31st, so there will be no staff or movers or Security onsite those days.

Graduation Events

The Coop received the shipment of graduation regalia this week. It is located in the classrooms on the first floor. Students will be swinging by the library over the next few days to pick up their caps and gowns. Visit the Graduation Week at Countway site for more specific details surrounding graduation week. The library tour schedule is:

Tuesday, May 24 11:00 AM Luciana
  12:00 PM


  1:00 PM Erika
  2:00 PM Erika
  3:00 PM Meredith
Wednesday, May 25 12:00 PM MJ
  1:00 PM Jenna
  2:00 PM Jenna
  3:00 PM MJ
  4:00 PM Carol
  5:00 PM Meredith
Thursday, May 26 1:00 PM MJ
  2:00 PM Erika
  3:00 PM MJ
  4:00 PM Carol
Friday, May 27 10:00 AM Erika
  11:00 AM MJ
  12:00 PM Erika
  1:00 PM MJ
  2:00 PM Erika
Saturday, May 28 12:00 PM Heather
  1:00 PM Heather
  2:00 PM Heather
  3:00 PM Heather
  4:00 PM Yasmina
Sunday, May 29 10:00 AM MJ
  11:00 AM Paul Bain
  12:00 PM MJ
  2:00 PM Paul Bain
  3:00 PM MJ
  4:00 PM Paul Bain

As a reminder, the library lobby will be open at 10am on Sunday, May 29th to accommodate the Coop’s extended hours. Thank you for all who have volunteered to help with graduation events.

Have a great weekend—it finally feels like summer!