Week 110: May Updates

Central test collection update

  • May 9th
    • Bins removed from TMEC, Kresge Cafeteria and Landmark Center
  • May 29th
    • Bins removes from FXB and HSDM
  • As of May 30th
    • Total of 5 locations remaining across all Harvard Campuses, NRB Lobby only location on the LMC campus
    • Single collection 9am Mon-Fri and Sundays, still no Saturday collection. This means you can drop off your kit after 9am, but it may not be collected until the following day.
    • Individuals covered for 8 antigen tests/month by HUGHP insurance plans

Addressing library question from staff

Question: What is the difference between all-staff meetings and Town Hall meetings?

Answer: Town Hall meetings were established during COVID to update everyone on HMS and HU protocols and opening procedures. In addition, Town Hall meetings cover building and renovation updates. We will be examining the need and frequency for Town Hall meetings once the library is fully open to the public. As long as we are establishing new or re-establishing old library services that require campus approval due to COVID protocols (ex: opening to non-HUID holders), or anything affecting the physical space, we will continue Town Hall meetings. Staff meetings on the other hand, are staff driven. The goal is to have departments or individual staff present areas of interest, strategic priorities, new services, and new resources and tools that help us do our work. Staff meetings also include general updates from myself. In many ways, these meetings allow staff to showcase the wonderful work they are doing that align with Countway’s strategic vision and moves us ahead in meeting our goals. We will take a break during the summer for staff meetings, and if you are interested in presenting at a staff meeting in the fall, please contact MJ to get on the schedule. We will continue to meet on Wednesdays for either Town Halls or all-staff meetings in person, either in the classrooms or the garden, with masks and grab and go refreshments.

BML move

BiblioTemps staff have returned to packing L1. Packing and moving items from CHOM began last week and will continue throughout the month.


Next week’s message will focus on graduation activities and highlight events that will be taking place at Countway throughout that entire week.