National Medical Librarians Month

Do you know your medical information specialists?

October is Medical Librarians Month, a time to acknowledge and celebrate our extraordinary team of medical information professionals! At Countway Library your medical information specialists are your partners to advance your research and knowledge. Their expertise spans a range of disciplines including Research, Data Management, Publishing, Community Connections, Education, Accessibility, and Advocacy and Policy.

Our specialists have a global understanding of medicine, dental medicine, and public health. And unlike many other medical libraries, Countway offers another specialty-- The Center for the History of Medicine. One of the world's leading resources for the study of the history of health and medicine, the Center offers a historical perspective that helps contextualize how modern medicine and policies have evolved. The Center's archivists and specialists support researchers both on campus and virtually.

Here at Countway, your medical information specialists provide students, clinicians, administrators, researchers, and faculty with comprehensive, authoritative health information, research, and search instructions. Our dedicated staff worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to provide resources and support to our community. They kept abreast of new research methods, as well as new and improved data management systems, and offered stimulating one-on-one virtual sessions to those seeking the expertise of a medical information specialist. Today, our library is open and accessible to all Harvard University ID holders. Our staff is eager to see you in person.

Countway Cares…about our Medical Information Specialists.

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