National Author’s Day

The French philosopher Michel Foucault posed the question: “What is an author?” He argued that the idea of authorship—of accrediting the work to a single individual—has deep effects on its interpretation by the reader. On a less esoteric level, an author is a creator whose words can enlighten, inspire, entertain and inform. From poems to graphic novels and fiction to textbooks, authors give us content that sweeps us away and allows for self-interpretation. Storytelling gives us an experience of something that happened in the past, the occurrences of today, or a glimpse into the future. Whether fiction and non-fiction, the work of an author can open our minds to new worlds of thought.

Countway Library hosts the Authors Series, a program to honor the writer and explore what they have penned. The series has presented authors whose work reflects historical information about medicine, thought provoking perspectives on social justice and inclusion, art as a form to explain anatomy and diseases, or published works that expose us to what is happening today. Though today, November 1st is National Author’s Day, the staff at Countway Library have dedicated every day to honor those who have used the power of the word to empower all of us.

Upcoming Author Series events

Countway Longwood Author Series Presents The Genome Defense: Inside the Epic Legal Battle to Determine Who Owns Your DNA, by Jorge L. Contreras. Full details at Photo of the book cover and headshot of the author.   Countway Longwood Author Series presents Three Perspectives, One Purpose: Why Medicine Needs Memoir. Full details at Headshots of all three panelists: Diane Shader Smith, Maryanne O'Hara, and Dr. David Weill.


Countway Cares…about honoring authors.