Countway Meditation Room

Located on the second floor within the Russell Reading Room, the Meditation Room is a private, quiet space where patrons can pray and meditate. The room is equipped with comfortable seating, prayer mats, a shoe rack, and soft, indirect lighting.

Meditation Room Guidelines

  • The room is available for meditation, prayer, mindfulness, calming sensory overload, reflection and finding a moment of peace.
  • The room may not be used as a lounge, study room, meeting room or any other activity that conflicts with the purpose of the space.
  • This is a quiet room, housed within a quiet space on a quiet floor.
    • Phone calls and Zoom meetings are not allowed in this room.
    • Music or guided meditation audio is permitted only with the use of headphones.
  • Shoes are to be removed and placed on the provided rack immediately upon entrance.
  • For those who need to perform a ritual cleansing prior to practice, there is a single stall unisex restroom with a sink and a shower located diagonally across the second floor atrium, just outside the administrative offices.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the room.
  • The room is not reservable in advance; it is available on a first-come first-served basis. Please respect the "occupied" sign on the door when in use.
  • A maximum of two people may use this room at one time.
  • Please keep use to a 15-minute maximum to allow others the chance to use the space.
  • The Countway Space Committee manages this space and reserves the right remove anyone found abusing the space. Please report any issues or questions via email.