Countway Address

Visitor and delivery address:

695 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115

Official building address:

10 Shattuck St., Boston, MA 02115

Nearby Parking

Wheelchair Accessibility

The path to Countway from Huntington Avenue is sunken below street level. Wheelchair access requires the use of two outdoor elevators. One is on Huntington Ave. near the steps descending from street level to Countway. The other is at the Countway entrance. Each elevator has a call box if you need help. You may also call (617) 432-1379.

There is also a new ramp in the Medical School quad, located between 180 and 260 Longwood Avenue. The ramp is at the other end of the quad, on the right side of Gordon Hall. Countway is behind Gordon Hall on the left.

Listed below are links to map views of Countway Library: