Countway Library Renovation timeline (2019-2021). The second floor focus begins in Phase 1 Part 1, which lasts for 4 months. There is then a transition into Part 2, which focuses on the first floor, for months 5-12. The renovation will then be complete.

Monthly Renovation Focuses

An Inside Look: Month 1 of Countway's Renovation includes signs showing that phase 1 started, three people trying out chairs at a furniture fair, and the second floor demolition.

An Inside Look: Month 2 of Countway's Renovation includes pictures of the second floor construction and an invitation to follow @countwayconstruction on Instagram.

An Inside Look: Month 3 of Countway's Renovation includes pictures of drywall, plumbing, and construction workers from Lee Kennedy in a construction zone. There is an additional invitation to follow @countwayconst on Twitter.

An Inside Look: Month 4 of Countway's Renovation includes demolition beginning on floor L1 and the continuation of the second floor construction. There is also a notice that reads 'Attention: The library is currently under construction but will remain open. Please anticipate increased noise levels and limited seating. Thank you for your patience.

An Inside Look: Month 5 of Countway's Renovation shows new furniture being delivered and demolition of the first floor.

An Inside Look: Month 6 of Countway's Renovation shows renovation renderings juxtaposed with progress photos.

Month 7 shows the progress made on floors L1, 1, and 2, as well as the exterior of Countway Library.

An Inside Look: Month 8 of Countway's Renovation shows construction on Floor 1.

An Inside Look: Month 9 of Countway's Renovation shows photos of the construction progress.