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Transfer Records to the Harvard Depository?

Transferring Records to the Depository

Transfer inactive records that have ongoing administrative value to secure, temporary storage where they can be retrieved and delivered to you in 36 hours or less. To find out if your department or lab has a storage account, please call the ARM program at 617-432-6194 or contact us by email.

  1. Refer to the records schedule to locate the entry for the series.
  2. If it is listed, check to see if the records must be retained for a year or more. If so, the records are good candidates for off-site storage.
  3. Establish a Depository account; if an account already exists, obtain boxes and boxing instructions and complete transmittal forms for each box to be transferred. MS Excel forms for the Box and Folder Lists are available.
  4. Boxes in storage can be recalled at any time, see information below on Recalling Boxes from the Harvard Depository.
  5. Boxes should not be stored at the Depository indefinitely, but promptly destroyed or donated to the Archives as permitted by records schedules.
  6. Remember that the depository reserves a space for every box entrusted to its care. Inform Depository staff in writing when boxes are removed permanently, so that those spaces may be used by others. In the absence of such notification, those spaces will continue to be reserved for your use and your department will be billed accordingly.

For more information, click here for a printable, step-by-step checklist (pdf) for setting up an account, ordering supplies, designating authorized users, making Depository transfers, completing box lists and transmittal forms, scheduling pick ups, and retrieving records from the Depository.

To Recall Boxes from the Harvard Depository

Recalling and Refiling boxes in established Depository accounts is administered through Harvard University Records Management Services. For more information on how to recall and refile boxes, see their detailed instructions here.

Contact ARM by email, phone 617-432-6194, or fax 617-432-4737 for more information.   

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